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[ in-ten-ding ]


  1. designing or aiming to be; prospective or aspiring:

    intending surgeons.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of intending1

First recorded in 1650–60; intend + -ing 2
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Example Sentences

The night before he bought a lot of crack-cocaine on credit with no way to pay, intending to kill himself after smoking.

He also suggested on Twitter that he was intending to continue to work closely with the organization.

I know you had tried to get in touch, but I chose not to talk to media, instead intending to let my letter stand on its own.

She clambered naked out a third-floor window and hung by her fingertips, intending to let herself drop into the bushes below.

Even if the land was to lose, say, half its value, a buyer intending to hold the ground for the long-term would be quite alright.

John is called out at a festive gathering, and springs to his feet really intending to be clever.

Walking forth, he strolled down the road towards Calne, intending to ask a question or two of the surgeon.

On the 8th of August, Mr. Agassiz set out with a friend, intending to return the same evening.

On the contrary, he lounged into the garden intending to enter the study by the window, which he knew to be open.

The others eagerly crowded forward, intending 25 to miss not one word.