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[ in-tens-lee ]


  1. to a high or extreme degree:

    Many ingredients are rolled into this intensely flavorful and very versatile curry paste.

  2. (said in reference to emotions or feelings) acutely, strongly, or vehemently:

    We should all be intensely angry about what is happening, and should do something besides just sitting at our computers absorbing information.

    I disliked the book intensely.

  3. earnestly or strenuously; in a highly engaged or involved way:

    The first time I watched the documentary, all I saw was these four people talking intensely about their music.

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Other Words From

  • hy·per·in·tense·ly adverb
  • o·ver·in·tense·ly adverb
  • su·per·in·tense·ly adverb

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Example Sentences

They also prevent the build-up of small trees, shrubs and woody material, which otherwise cause the fires that do spark to become especially large and intense.

This has attracted intense interest in the last decades, as physicists started considering a variety of approaches toward the construction of a theory of quantum gravity.

Far outside our galaxy, 500 million light-years away, intense, random bursts of radio waves have been flashing for four days at a time.

Despite the intense focus on a vaccine, some worry it’s the wrong priority.

China, which reopened with temperature checks and intense monitoring, has seen a few bumps in the road but no massive problems.

From Ozy

The Babadook is the shape of grief: all-enveloping, shape-shifting, black, here intensely, terrifying, then gone.

Not surprisingly, this laid-back ball of nerves is also both intensely rational and explosively emotional.

Washington was a passionate advocate for an intensely practical education for ex-slaves and their descendants.

I was actually experiencing insomnia pretty intensely, and that experience informed that song.

There is one intensely sexual passage in which the protagonist cannot tell if he is sleeping or awake.

It was a fatal error, for though the Spanish people might despise their King, they were intensely proud of their nationality.

Later on he became intensely critical of his own work, and finally bought up all the copies he could lay hands on and burnt them!

The fighting section of the Filipinos was intensely irritated at not having been allowed to enter and sack the capital.

The day had been intensely cold, with a biting north-east wind and black frost.

Such conduct is not only excessively ill-bred, but intensely selfish.