[ in-ten-shuh-nl ]
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  1. done with intention or on purpose; intended: an intentional insult.

  2. of or relating to intention or purpose.

  1. Metaphysics.

    • pertaining to an appearance, phenomenon, or representation in the mind; phenomenal; representational.

    • pertaining to the capacity of the mind to refer to an existent or nonexistent object.

    • pointing beyond itself, as consciousness or a sign.

Origin of intentional

First recorded in 1520–30; intention + -al1

synonym study For intentional

1. See deliberate.

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  • in·ten·tion·al·i·ty [in-ten-shuh-nal-i-tee], /ɪnˌtɛn ʃəˈnæl ɪ ti/, noun
  • in·ten·tion·al·ly, adverb
  • sub·in·ten·tion·al, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for intentional


/ (ɪnˈtɛnʃənəl) /

  1. performed by or expressing intention; deliberate

  2. of or relating to intention or purpose

  1. philosophy

    • of or relating to the capacity of the mind to refer to different kinds of objects

    • (of an object) existing only as the object of some mental attitude rather than in reality, as a unicorn in she hopes to meet a unicorn: See also intensional

Derived forms of intentional

  • intentionality, noun
  • intentionally, adverb

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