[ ar-i-tee-noid, uh-rit-n-oid ]
/ ˌær ɪˈti nɔɪd, əˈrɪt nˌɔɪd /


pertaining to either of two small cartilages on top of the cricoid cartilage at the upper, back part of the larynx.
pertaining to the muscles connected with these cartilages.
pertaining to the glands in the aryepiglottic fold of the larynx.


an arytenoid cartilage, muscle, or gland.

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Origin of arytenoid

1685–95; < Greek arytainoeidḗs literally, ladle-shaped, equivalent to arýtain(a) ladle, pitcher, funnel + -oeidēs -oid

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British Dictionary definitions for interarytenoid



/ (ˌærɪˈtiːnɔɪd) /

adjective Also: arytenoidal

denoting either of two small cartilages of the larynx that are attached to the vocal cords
denoting any of three small muscles of the larynx that narrow the space between the vocal cords


an arytenoid cartilage or muscle

Word Origin for arytenoid

C18: from New Latin arytaenoīdes, from Greek arutainoeidēs shaped like a ladle, from arutaina ladle

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Medicine definitions for interarytenoid


[ ăr′ĭ-tēnoid′, ə-rĭtn-oid′ ]


Either of two small pitcher-shaped cartilages at the back of the larynx to which the vocal cords are attached.
A muscle that is connected to either of these cartilages.
Any of several small mucous glands located in front of these cartilages.


Of or relating to these cartilages or an associated muscle or gland.
Related formsar′y•te•noidal adj.

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