[in-ter-cheyn-juh-buh l]


(of two things) capable of being put or used in the place of each other: interchangeable symbols.
(of one thing) capable of replacing or changing places with something else: an interchangeable part.

Origin of interchangeable

1400–50; interchange + -able; replacing late Middle English entrechaungeable < Middle French entrechangeable
Related formsin·ter·change·a·bil·i·ty, in·ter·change·a·ble·ness, nounin·ter·change·a·bly, adverbnon·in·ter·change·a·bil·i·ty, nounnon·in·ter·change·a·ble, adjectivenon·in·ter·change·a·ble·ness, nounnon·in·ter·change·a·bly, adverbun·in·ter·change·a·ble, adjective

Synonyms for interchangeable

2. See exchangeable. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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mutually, conversely, reciprocally

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late 14c. (implied in interchangeably), from inter- + changeable. Related: Interchangeability.

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