[ in-ter-lee-ving ]
/ ˌɪn tərˈli vɪŋ /

noun Computers.

a method for making data retrieval more efficient by rearranging or renumbering the sectors on a hard disk or by splitting a computer's main memory into sections so that the sectors or sections can be read in alternating cycles.


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Definition for interleaving (2 of 2)

[ in-ter-leev ]
/ ˌɪn tərˈliv /

verb (used with object), in·ter·leaved, in·ter·leav·ing.

to provide blank leaves in (a book) for notes or written comments.
to insert blank leaves between (the regular printed leaves).
to insert something alternately and regularly between the pages or parts of: Interleave the eight-page form with carbon paper.
to insert (material) alternately and regularly between the pages or parts of something else: Interleave carbon paper between the pages of the form.
  1. to arrange (an operation) so that two or more programs, sets of instructions, etc., are performed in an alternating fashion.
  2. to mix (data and control characters) in a single operation.

Origin of interleave

First recorded in 1660–70; inter- + leave3


un·in·ter·leaved, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

Example sentences from the Web for interleaving

  • Glennard, taking the volume from his hand, glanced with a kind of repugnance at the interleaving of yellow cris-crossed sheets.

    The Touchstone|Edith Wharton
  • The backing of a flat piece of soft wood with an interleaving of stout paper or, better still, millboard, must not be forgotten.

British Dictionary definitions for interleaving

/ (ˌɪntəˈliːv) /

verb (tr)

(often foll by with) to intersperse (with), esp alternately, as the illustrations in a book (with protective leaves)
to provide (a book) with blank leaves for notes, etc, or to protect illustrations
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