internal resistance

  1. the resistance within a battery, or other voltage source, that causes a drop in the source voltage when there is a current.

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How to use internal resistance in a sentence

  • When you feel internal resistance to what is happening around you, instead of shutting down, use that as a cue to engage.

  • This cell will have a voltage of two volts, a rather low internal resistance, and will be capable of delivering a large current.

  • If cells are joined together their combined internal resistance depends upon the method of grouping the cells.

    Physics | Willis Eugene Tower
  • The several plates of a cell being in parallel and close together, the cell has but small internal resistance.

    Physics | Willis Eugene Tower
  • A man can work—good straightforward work, without internal resistance, until he drops,—and never hurt himself.

  • With current flowing through the cell, however, the increased internal resistance causes a marked drop in the voltage.

British Dictionary definitions for internal resistance

internal resistance

  1. physics the resistance of a cell, accumulator, etc, usually given as (E - V)/ I, where E is the emf of the cell, and V the potential difference between terminals when it is delivering a current I

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