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[ in-tuh-ruhp-shuhn ]


  1. an act or instance of interrupting.
  2. the state of being interrupted. interrupted.
  3. something that interrupts.
  4. cessation; intermission.


/ ˌɪntəˈrʌpʃən /


  1. something that interrupts, such as a comment, question, or action
  2. an interval or intermission
  3. the act of interrupting or the state of being interrupted
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Other Words From

  • rein·ter·ruption noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of interruption1

1350–1400; Middle English interrupcio ( u ) n < Latin interruptiōn- (stem of interruptiō ). See interrupt, -ion
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Example Sentences

Hachimura will play in just his 60th career game Friday in a second straight bout against the Heat, and Avdija has played in just 14, yet both are starting, and both have faced unprecedented interruption to their young careers.

On top of this, they have to orbit close to Earth’s surface to reduce interruption of coverage and communication delays.

That drew attention, as did interruptions at major programs in power conferences.

Congressional leaders chose to respond to those actions by getting back to their work, demonstrating their resilience by treating the attempted insurrection as an interruption, not an obstacle.

Creative time, to be of any use, must be free from interruption.

But only she can provide the meaningful interruption into the frowsy narrative that has built around her.

The incident with Tony Kornheiser, a Pardon the Interruption talking head, serves to highlight the problem with ESPN.

One morning in the middle of this quiet ritual–reading and prayer–I felt a sense of interruption.

Spitzer rolled his eyes at the interruption, grumbling a perfunctory “very funny.”

I have published online with seldom more than a day or two of interruption continuously since October 2002.

You often have fellows dropping in to your chambers at night; at my house we shall be secure from interruption.

One of the gunmen who crouched on the floor of the rear compartment cursed quietly and without interruption for nearly a minute.

But in Virginia it was grown without interruption or alternation, and the plantations rapidly deteriorated in fertility.

Their march along the path of progress and improvement continued sans interruption.

And Lady Hartledon went down also, for the interruption had frightened her, and she did not attempt to open the cabinet again.