[ in-ter-veen ]
/ 藢瑟n t蓹r藞vin /
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verb (used without object), in路ter路vened, in路ter路ven路ing.
to come between disputing people, groups, etc.; intercede; mediate.
to occur or be between two things.
to occur or happen between other events or periods: Nothing important intervened between the meetings.
(of things) to occur incidentally so as to modify or hinder: We enjoyed the picnic until a thunderstorm intervened.
to interfere with force or a threat of force: to intervene in the affairs of another country.
Law. to interpose and become a party to a suit pending between other parties.
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Origin of intervene

1580鈥90; <Latin interven墨re to come between, equivalent to inter-inter- + ven墨re to come; see convene


re路in路ter路vene, verb (used without object), re路in路ter路vened, re路in路ter路ven路ing.un路in路ter路ven路ing, adjective
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How to use intervene in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for intervene

/ (藢瑟nt蓹藞vi藧n) /

verb (intr)
(often foll by in) to take a decisive or intrusive role (in) in order to modify or determine events or their outcome
(foll by in or between) to come or be (among or between)
(of a period of time) to occur between events or points in time
(of an event) to disturb or hinder a course of action
economics to take action to affect the market forces of an economy, esp to maintain the stability of a currency
law to interpose and become a party to a legal action between others, esp in order to protect one's interests

Derived forms of intervene

intervener or intervenor, noun

Word Origin for intervene

C16: from Latin interven墨re to come between, from inter- + ven墨re to come
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