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[ in-ter-vyoo ]


  1. a formal meeting in which one or more persons question, consult, or evaluate another person:

    a job interview.

  2. a meeting or conversation in which a writer or reporter asks questions of one or more persons from whom material is sought for a newspaper story, television broadcast, etc.
  3. the report of such a conversation or meeting.

verb (used with object)

  1. to have an interview with in order to question, consult, or evaluate:

    to interview a job applicant;

    to interview the president.

verb (used without object)

  1. to have an interview; be interviewed (sometimes followed by with ):

    She interviewed with eight companies before accepting a job.

  2. to give or conduct an interview:

    to interview to fill job openings.


/ ˈɪntəˌvjuː /


  1. a conversation with or questioning of a person, usually conducted for television, radio, or a newspaper
  2. a formal discussion, esp one in which an employer assesses an applicant for a job


  1. to conduct an interview with (someone)
  2. intr to be interviewed, esp for a job

    he interviewed well and was given the position

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Derived Forms

  • ˌinterviewˈee, noun
  • ˈinterˌviewer, noun

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Other Words From

  • inter·viewa·ble adjective
  • pre·inter·view noun verb (used with object)
  • quasi-inter·viewed adjective
  • re·inter·view noun verb (used with object)
  • self-inter·view noun
  • un·inter·viewed adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of interview1

First recorded in 1505–15; inter- + view; replacing enterview, from Middle French entrevue, noun use of feminine of entrevu “glimpsed,” past participle of entrevoir “to glimpse,” from entre “between” + voir “to see”

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Word History and Origins

Origin of interview1

C16: from Old French entrevue; see inter- , view

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Example Sentences

Learn what channels are showing high engagement, the discovery process for new platforms poised to take the market, and strategies retailers both big and small can use to stay ahead of the curve in the interview below.

In our interview, Leighton said each state has its own National Guard force made up of mostly part-time troops, though the guard can also be mobilized by the federal government during national emergencies.

During the interview, Trainor referenced how the expansion of mail voting could confuse voters in his home state of Texas.

Below are a few of the best moments from her interview on The Carlos Watson Show.

From Ozy

He also sat down for an interview with Jose Diaz-Balart of Telemundo, his first one-on-one session with a national Spanish-language network since clinching the nomination.

“We talked about the science the whole time the other day,” Krauss told The Daily Beast in a phone interview.

Lalo insisted during a recent interview that they encountered Chito “and his people by accident.”

Those threats prompted Lozoya to move her family to California for a time until things cooled down, she said in an interview.

In an interview with ESPN, Jaffe recalled his initial meeting with Stuart Scott.

In a 2009 interview, Church apostle Dallin H. Oaks held that the Church “does not have a position” on that point.

The associations of place recall her strange interview with Mr. Longcluse but a few months before.

I seized the opportunity to watch what I supposed would be a most interesting interview, from behind a curtain.

At his desk sat his secretary, who had been a witness of the interview, lost in wonder almost as great as the Seneschal's own.

And I would respectfully suggest that this interview must definitely terminate the matter one way or the other.

An answer soon came, and an interview with Mr. Wainwright followed.





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