[verb in-ter-weev; noun in-ter-weev]

verb (used with object), in·ter·wove or in·ter·weaved, in·ter·wo·ven or in·ter·wove or in·ter·weaved, in·ter·weav·ing.

to weave together, as threads, strands, branches, or roots.
to intermingle or combine as if by weaving: to interweave truth with fiction.

verb (used without object), in·ter·wove or in·ter·weaved, in·ter·wo·ven or in·ter·wove or in·ter·weaved, in·ter·weav·ing.

to become woven together, interlaced, or intermingled.


the act of interweaving or the state of being interwoven; blend: a perfect interweave of Spanish and American cultures.

Origin of interweave

First recorded in 1570–80; inter- + weave
Related formsin·ter·weave·ment, nounin·ter·weav·er, nounin·ter·weav·ing·ly, adverbun·in·ter·wo·ven, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Related Words for interweave

intertwine, knit, fuse, mingle, mix, twist, plait, link, braid, blend, pleach, darn, enlace

Examples from the Web for interweave

Contemporary Examples of interweave

  • Pop Life is kept aloft by an interweave of such connections between the art world and its financial support systems.

    The Daily Beast logo
    For Lust and Money

    Anthony Haden-Guest

    October 15, 2009

Historical Examples of interweave

  • Ariosto took every occasion to interweave their panegyric with his verse.

  • He tried to interweave his reflections with hope, but he only half succeeded.

    The American

    Henry James

  • His lore on these last subjects was astonishing—he managed to interweave the station-master with the ornithologist.

  • In observing atmospheric changes I endeavour to interweave cloud-forms and sky-tints with words and images.

    The World's Greatest Books, Vol IX.

    Edited by Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton

  • They unite and interweave their influence in a thousand ways beyond all human calculation.

    Curiosities of Heat

    Lyman B. Tefft

British Dictionary definitions for interweave


verb -weaves, -weaving, -wove, -weaved, -woven, -wove or -weaved

to weave, blend, or twine together; intertwineAlso: interwork
Derived Formsinterweavement, nouninterweaver, noun
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Word Origin and History for interweave

1570s, hybrid from inter- + weave (v.). Related: Interweaving; interwoven.

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