[ an-teem ]
/ ɛ̃ˈtim /

adjective French.

intimate; cozy.



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Example sentences from the Web for intime

  • Don't trouble yourself, my dear Intime; between you and me my fancy for her will be over to-morrow.

    The Chouans|Honore de Balzac
  • We only say their names like that to the people with whom we are not intime.

    Outside Inn|Ethel M. Kelley
  • Alice de Brville, Tanrade, and myself, are dining to-night in one of these intime little rooms.

    A Village of Vagabonds|F. Berkeley Smith
  • You can do both these things by letting it be supposed that you are intime with Mr. Spencer.

    Scarlet and Hyssop|E. F. Benson

Idioms and Phrases with intime (1 of 2)

in time


Before a time limit expires, early enough, as in His speech begins at eight, so we've arrived in time. It is often put as in time for, as in Please come in time for dinner. [Second half of 1400s] Also see in good time.


Eventually, within an indefinite period, as in In time you'll see that Dad was right. [c. 1450] Also see in due course.


In the proper musical tempo or rhythm, as in It's important to dance in time to the music. [c. 1700]

Idioms and Phrases with intime (2 of 2)

in time

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