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  1. a prefix meaning “within,” used in the formation of compound words: intramural.
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Compare intro-.

Origin of intra-

< Late Latin intrā-, representing Latin intrā (adv. and preposition); akin to interior, inter-
Can be confusedinter- intra-

ab intra

[ahb in-trah; English ab in-truh]
adverb Latin.
  1. from inside; from within.
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intra muros

[in-trah moo-rohs; English in-truh myoo r-ohs]
adverb Latin.
  1. within the walls, as of a city.
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then, afterwards, eventually, thereafter, later, soon, next, late, subsequently, after, behind, ultimately, latterly, ensuingly, intra, thereon

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Historical Examples of intra

  • A boat was leaving for Intra, so he went on board, and at Intra took the train for Milan.

    The Devourers

    Annie Vivanti Chartres

  • But Sophy said that she had ordered a carrozzella to go shopping in Intra for Bobby.

    Shadows of Flames

    Amelie Rives

  • At three she went upstairs to change her tea-gown for the drive to Intra.

    Shadows of Flames

    Amelie Rives

  • Intra quatuor decim dies, commodatum ni redderis, neque belle custodieris, alio tempore dominus: Non habeo dicet.

    French Book-plates

    Walter Hamilton

  • Quando vis exprimere quia brevis est, primis labris sonat; quando exprimis longam, intra palatum sonat.

British Dictionary definitions for intra


  1. within; insideintravenous
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Word Origin for intra-

from Latin intrā on the inside, within; see interior
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Word Origin and History for intra


word-forming element meaning "within, inside, on the inside," from Latin intra "on the inside, within," related to inter "between," from PIE *en-t(e)ro-, from root *en "in" (see in). Commonly opposed to extra-, but the use of intra as a prefix was rare in classical Latin.

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intra in Medicine


  1. Within:intramedullary.
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intra in Science


  1. A prefix meaning “inside” or “within,” as in intravenous, within a vein.
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