1. a prefix meaning “within,” used in the formation of compound words: intramural.

Origin of intra-

<Late Latin intrā-, representing Latin intrā (adv. and preposition); akin to interior, inter-

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How to use intra- in a sentence

  • Impotentia vel temporanea causa divortii esse potest si impotens intra spatium temporis rationabile remedium medicinale recuset.

  • From my experience with patients I doubt whether many of them would submit to the intra-nasal spark.

    The Treatment of Hay Fever | George Frederick Laidlaw
  • It has been less than two centuries since they fought an intra-system war that almost destroyed both of them.

    Deathworld | Harry Harrison
  • Rex militibus, liberis hominibus, et toti communitati comitatus Wygorni tam intra libertates quam extra, salutem.

  • This intra-organic pulling and hauling, this strife of active tendencies, is a genuine phenomenon.

British Dictionary definitions for intra-


  1. within; inside: intravenous

Origin of intra-

from Latin intrā on the inside, within; see interior

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Scientific definitions for intra-


  1. A prefix meaning “inside” or “within,” as in intravenous, within a vein.

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