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[ in-trin-sik-lee, -zik ]


  1. by nature; as a necessary or inseparable element or quality:

    As intrinsically social beings, humans cannot achieve even basic survival without connecting and forming relationships with others.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of intrinsically1

First recorded in 1545–55; intrinsic ( def ) + -ally ( def )

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Example Sentences

Scientists assumed that curve was something intrinsic to the virus.

Imagine a world in which any comment on Twitter or Reddit, or any news article shared on Facebook, has a non-trivial probability of being entirely written by an algorithm that has no intrinsic concern for human values.

This is a little bit like the electromagnetic field, but far simpler, because it lacks intrinsic directionality or spin.

These paired vectors also reflect another important property of symplectic spaces, their intrinsic connection to complex numbers.

Also, the intrinsic generation can only have an evolutionary origin.

Contrary to the conventional wisdom, there is nothing intrinsically “progressive” about hating suburbs.

The issue has opened a divide between Iranian political and religious leaders in a country where they are intrinsically tied.

It became an important part of people's daily lives and was tied intrinsically to their sense of place, roots, and traditions.

Not all art is easily placed in a museum; some pieces are intrinsically linked to the location in which they were created.

Two families, intrinsically woven together by both good and evil.

It would be in vain to seek for any object more intrinsically inconsiderable with which to liken a condition of indifference.

Misfortune cannot degrade a man, unless he be intrinsically mean; it rather elevates him.

Intrinsically then the evidence, while not conclusive, favors the idea that Huehue Tlapallan was in the south.

Same feat intrinsically as that done by Cromwell, on Hamilton and the Scots, in 1648.

The statements of the witches were pronounced intrinsically incredible.





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