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[ in-too-i-tiv-lee, -tyoo- ]


  1. by means of direct perception, an instinctive inner sense, or gut feeling rather than rational thought:

    They’ve been married so long, they know intuitively how best to support each other.

  2. in a way that is easy to understand or operate without explicit instruction:

    The website is an invaluable resource that is intuitively designed, making it a simple task to search for a suitable doctor.

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Other Words From

  • non·in·tu·i·tive·ly adverb
  • qua·si-in·tu·i·tive·ly adverb
  • un·in·tu·i·tive·ly adverb
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Example Sentences

With the contacts app acting as a base for understanding people’s networks and who they interact with, the duo envision more intuitive ways of organizing events, for example.

From Fortune

I think the more intuitive way to think about it is, if you go from having a kind of normal dishwasher going in the background in the control condition to having a vacuum cleaner right next to you.

Similar to stereotypes, intuitive behavioral genetics, especially when it’s used to stigmatize, isn’t moral or kind—but we can safely expect humans to judge others with whatever information they’re privy to, including blood relations.

Martin recalls his intuitive experience of his surroundings, both illusory and physical, and how much the mere presence of psychologist Richards meant to him.

Powered by new software called Google TV, the upgraded Chromecast is supposed to give users a more intuitive “home screen” to help them navigate their various video-streaming services and apps.

From Fortune

Mindful eating will allow you to savor your food and eat more intuitively, rather than emotionally.

Sometimes academic studies are good at officially validating what people already know intuitively.

Is this the kind of knowledge that most educated, upper class French person would have intuitively?

As most of us already know intuitively, it also kills our creativity.

Many veterans of Task Force Ranger intuitively seem to understand that.

What is absorbed in such a case is absorbed intuitively and blindly.

He seemed to know intuitively that this was the man who had ruined his home, and he stood looking him over from head to foot.

Dogs, children, and his subordinates—the three most intuitively critical classes of beings—were all his friends.

That the crowd always insists on being flattered is a fact known intuitively by every orator and editor.

Even the business man must intuitively perceive the point of view and the mental attitude of those with whom he deals.