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[ in-uhn-dey-tid, -uhn- ]


  1. flooded:

    Desperate people in the inundated areas prayed for rescue even as the waters kept rising.

  2. overwhelmed by a great volume of something:

    The first congratulatory email was a high for all of us; then we got another, and another, and by the end of the day we had an inundated inbox.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of inundate ( def ).
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  • un·in·un·dat·ed adjective
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Example Sentences

Nongovernmental groups have inundated Pennsylvania voters with mail-in ballot applications, making it easy to request ballots — and contributing to the flood of duplicates.

Nefarious actors have been using social media, radio, and local Spanish-language newspapers to inundate voters with unprecedented levels of disinformation and conspiracy theories.

Simultaneously, local governments were inundated with problems caused by the pandemic and they were struggling to get control.

American citizens are inundated with political messages—on social networks, in their news feeds, through email, text messages, and phone calls.

Publishing sites are inundated every day with websites looking for backlinks.

Throughout the afternoon, Rashid was inundated with phone calls and knocks on the door.

The move shocked audiences, who inundated CBS with angry letters.

So why are we continually inundated with images and hate speech perpetuating this harmful lie?

Yet I was hugged, inundated with compliments, and told how strong I was for being on the receiving end.

Beginning at a young age, our children are inundated with educational propaganda proclaiming that guns are bad.

Formosa, a large island in the Chinese sea, almost wholly inundated by volcanic agency, during a storm.

One of the woods of this forest, advancing far into the inundated valley, formed a sort of promontory above the sheet of water.

The floor was constantly inundated here by several defective and overworked water-faucets and a leaky trough.

When the tide is high the difference is very great, and were it not for the dikes the people would be inundated.

The land was inundated with purses of every shape, size, and substance.


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