[ in-vij-uh-leyt ]
/ ɪnˈvɪdʒ əˌleɪt /
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verb (used without object), in·vig·i·lat·ed, in·vig·i·lat·ing.

to keep watch.
British. to keep watch over students at an examination.



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Origin of invigilate

1545–55; <Latin invigilātus (past participle of invigilāre to keep watch, stay up late), equivalent to in-in-2 + vigilā- (stem of vigilāre to watch; see vigil) + -tus past participle suffix
in·vig·i·la·tion, nounin·vig·i·la·tor, noun
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  • A judicial inquiry, however, has power to gather evidence, to summon the trio, and invigilate them properly and professionally.

    Will Rupert Be Arrested?|Geoffrey Robertson|July 12, 2011|DAILY BEAST

British Dictionary definitions for invigilate

/ (ɪnˈvɪdʒɪˌleɪt) /

verb (intr)

British to watch examination candidates, esp to prevent cheatingUS word: proctor
archaic to keep watch
invigilation, nouninvigilator, noun
C16: from Latin invigilāre to watch over, from in- ² + vigilāre to keep watch; see vigil
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