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[ in-vig-uh-rey-ting ]


  1. giving or encouraging vigor, liveliness, or energy:

    The hike offers great views, lots of sunshine, and an invigorating workout.

    The drink is an invigorating blend of tomato juice and spices.

    Synonyms: tonic, stimulative, restorative, refreshing

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Other Words From

  • in·vig·or·at·ing·ly adverb
  • un·in·vig·or·at·ing adjective
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Example Sentences

He described wanting to invigorate the sport he loves in “one of the greatest countries and civilizations out there.”

We all need a little more time for ourselves and that time invigorates our creativity and our strength.

From Digiday

It was a brisk, blue-sky day in Manhattan, and the mini-adventure left me invigorated.

Recently invigorated by a more permissive regulatory environment, the sector investigates if, how, and why reality-bending substances might help human brains.

But what they really need is a good, invigorating, clarifying, drawn-out fight.

What the show is responsible for is invigorating debate, which is a good thing.

But unlike True Detective it was also droll, playful, quirky, invigorating, and creative.

It was, however, invigorating to see Cecily Strong sitting behind the Weekend Update desk.

That itself is invigorating, and Colbert Busch has already proved herself a capable, engaging candidate with a will to win.

People come here to drink the waters of the springs, and to take the baths, which are said to be very invigorating.

The gust of perfumed air, laden with the rich aroma of fresh-mown hay, is soothingly invigorating.

And as to its effect upon the general aspect of life; is it rousing, cheering, inspiring, invigorating?

I never welcomed the fresh, invigorating air of morning more gratefully.

Not only that, but, as they soon discovered, these dishes were fully as invigorating and nourishing as a meat diet.