Invisible Man

  1. (1952) A novel by African-American author Ralph Ellison . Set in the United States in the 1930s, it depicts a black man's struggle for identity. It won a National Book Award in 1953.

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Example Sentences

Juneteenth by Ralph Ellison After completing The Invisible Man, Ellison never finished another novel.

But I think “Invisible Man,” “Hardest Thing,” “I Do,” I think those are classic love songs that could translate even now.

One of them, “another famous invisible man,” was Thomas Pynchon, and this gave Rushdie particular excitement.

Stylistically it is a progenitor of Invisible Man, which Ellison described as “realism that goes beyond and becomes surrealism.”

In Invisible Man we experience American history as a nightmare.

The soul was to them the invisible man, material as ever, but lost to the appreciation of the senses.

"That is the one evil of our country," answered the invisible man.

He gestured to Jim, and with a great effort took a step in the invisible man's direction.

Wondering what the girl was about, Clee relaxed his grip on the invisible man's neck and complied.

No human being on earth 178 knew what this man would do save the silent invisible man within his soul.





invisible inkinvisible shadow