ipse dixit

[ ip-se dik-sit; English ip-see dik-sit ]

  1. an assertion without proof.

Origin of ipse dixit

<Latin: he himself said it

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How to use ipse dixit in a sentence

  • It should have been—so we were to believe on his ipse dixit—contemporaneous with the Fall.

    Mystic London: | Charles Maurice Davies
  • A man who says now what he denied six years ago cannot expect to be believed on his ipse dixit.

    Handbook of Home Rule (1887) | W. E. Gladstone et al.
  • Or why should there be any ipse dixit in our poetry, any more than there is in our philosophy?

  • I want to say that, in the first place, I have made no charge of this sort upon my ipse dixit.

  • Swedenborg's ipse dixit ought to convince the most incredulous; for he speaks "from what has been heard and seen."

    Moon Lore | Timothy Harley

British Dictionary definitions for ipse dixit

ipse dixit

/ Latin (ˈɪpseɪ ˈdɪksɪt) /

  1. an arbitrary and unsupported assertion

Origin of ipse dixit

C16, literally: he himself said it

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