/ (ˈaɪətən) /

  1. Henry. 1611–51, English Parliamentarian general in the Civil War; son-in-law of Oliver Cromwell. His plan for a constitutional monarchy was rejected by Charles I (1647), whose death warrant he signed; lord deputy of Ireland (1650–51)

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How to use Ireton in a sentence

  • Cromwell, and the unbroken parts of Ireton's wing, were meanwhile charging into the flanks and rear of the royalist infantry.

    Battles of English History | H. B. (Hereford Brooke) George
  • But you are not to think that no one has seen the great world save only yourself, Captain Ireton.

    The Master of Appleby | Francis Lynde
  • Madam Ireton, I'll put you on your honor: you may have access to him, but there must be no messages carried in or out.

    The Master of Appleby | Francis Lynde
  • With the Ireton acres hers by double right, the baronet would press his suit with greater vigor than before.

    The Master of Appleby | Francis Lynde
  • Ease your mind on that score, Captain Ireton, and come along with us, if you have nothing better to do.

    The Master of Appleby | Francis Lynde