[ ahy-ree-nuh ]


  1. a female given name.

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Example Sentences

One of the most high-profile examples of detention during the conflict was that of Irina Dovgan.

“Without Crimea, Ukraine would be more consolidated around the EU agenda,” says Irina Bekeshnina who directed the survey.

Lukashenko openly despised Sannikov and his wife, Irina Khalip, an investigative reporter of international renown.

A few men who felt sick came for a checkup with a volunteer cardiologist, Irina Gord.

In a period of a few days beforev1st of October Irina started to persuade Katya that she should not be jailed.

Irina looked over her shoulder at herself in the glass, scarcely bending her figure.

Litvinov escorted them outside, hoping for a last look from Irina, but she took her seat in the carriage without turning her head.

Irina placed herself not far from him, and was somehow strangely silent and motionless.

Irina took complete possession of her future fianc, and indeed he himself eagerly surrendered himself into her hands.

He began to be a frequent visitor at their house after he had fallen in love with their eldest daughter Irina.