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How to use Irish Republic in a sentence

  • Hurst worked as a handler of Irish Republic Army informants for the British Army.

  • He responded warmly to their passionate devotion to the dream of an independent Irish Republic.

    Hyacinth | George A. Birmingham
  • We'll have an Independent Irish Republic in four years; perhaps in three years.

    Ireland as It Is | Robert John Buckley (AKA R.J.B.)
  • Thus a passage in the Irish Republic pilloried them in a quotation from Parnell.

    Six days of the Irish Republic | Louis Redmond-Howard
  • From a dilapidated upper window hangs a faded banner of the Irish Republic.

    Pipefuls | Christopher Morley
  • It is upon the "principle" expressed in this word that our sympathies with the Irish Republic are asked.

    A Straight Deal | Owen Wister