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iron out


  1. to smooth, using a heated iron
  2. to put right or settle (a problem or difficulty) as a result of negotiations or discussions
  3. informal.
    to knock unconscious

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Idioms and Phrases

Work out, resolve, settle. For example, They managed to iron out all the problems with the new production process , or John and Mary finally ironed out their differences . This expression uses ironing wrinkled fabric as a metaphor for smoothing differences. [Mid-1800s]

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Example Sentences

One of the most important issues to iron out, naturally, was when to collect taxes.

The paywall takes effect Thursday north of the border so the Times Co. can iron out any kinks.

The problem is, Burkle and Weinstein have to iron out the structure of their own partnership first.

To become law, the two chambers need to iron out a compromise bill and then the House and Senate each need to vote on it again.

We entered into "substantive negotiations" in January 2004 to iron out the problems.

Clearing iron out showed for gold the highest yet made, being more pronounced with Fenosulphate than $1500 rock have seen.

Details he might have struggled with would iron out or disappear, and scarcely come to his attention at all.

Susan, you must iron out yours 'n' Kitty's apurns; 'n' there, I come mighty near forgettin' Peory's stockin's!

Then he would iron out his shirts and linen with his own hands, and do other little menial tasks.

The carpenter had reported all sound, with no iron out of place to deflect the needle.


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