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iron fist

[ ahy-ern fist ]


  1. authority or power wielded in a cruel, dictatorial, or repressive way:

    The lecture described the torments that befell many artists under the iron fist of Stalin.

    This tyrant ruled the country with an iron fist until he was finally deposed and executed.

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  • i·ron-fist·ed i·ron·fist·ed adjective adverb

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Example Sentences

The former believed in the role of the state as a provider, while the latter favored an iron fist approach to governance.

Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, Black Panther and The Runaways are other projects on the horizon.

The position of House Majority Whip is one that he ruled with an iron fist for over a decade.

Mugabe is still in firm control and still ruling with an iron-fist.

It has recently ruled over the country with an iron fist, increasingly solidifying its noose on civil rights and governance.

The ideal man for a military government, his is an Iron Fist; but if the fist were of softer stuff, all Belgium would be in chaos.

The uplifted glass came down with a crash and his iron fist closed on her right hand.

The "iron fist" and the "shining sword" were to break in the doors of those who opposed a German-made peace.

The blind man clung close to me, holding me in one iron fist, and leaning almost more of his weight on me than I could carry.

He had felt Brayley's iron fist before, but not with the rage behind it which now drove it into Conniston's face.


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