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[ adjective ahy-ern-klad; noun ahy-ern-klad ]


  1. covered or cased with iron plates, as a ship for naval warfare; armor-plated.
  2. very rigid or exacting; inflexible; unbreakable:

    an ironclad contract.


  1. a wooden warship of the middle or late 19th century having iron or steel armor plating.



  1. covered or protected with iron

    an ironclad warship

  2. inflexible; rigid

    an ironclad rule

  3. not able to be assailed or contradicted

    an ironclad argument


  1. a large wooden 19th-century warship with armoured plating
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Word History and Origins

Origin of ironclad1

First recorded in 1850–55; iron + clad 1
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Example Sentences

Even if the data from VAERS was ironclad, vaccines are generally given to children, who are significantly less likely to die of something else in impending months and years, because they are young.

It’s not an ironclad rule, but there is a lot of evidence that moderate candidates tend to perform better at the ballot box.

McConnell spokesman Doug Andres also said Sinema has provided an arguably even more ironclad assurance to McConnell personally that she would reverse course under no circumstances.

Reid’s pledges might not have been as ironclad as the ones we see today from Manchin and Sinema, but things can change.

This toughness makes the diabolical ironclad beetle pretty predator-proof.

The Dallas case is breaking some of our ironclad assumptions.

But its now obvious the ironclad security guarantees they claimed to provide are perfectly hollow.

The other rule, which is just as ironclad, gave rise to their motto: “Blood In/Blood Out.”

The ironclad rule for entrée into the Brotherhood is simple: kill a black or a Hispanic prisoner.

U.S. tanks parked at the edge of its main street, providing ironclad overwatch.

However, it is important historically as the first battle of ironclad vessels in the United States.

And, like the Cut-Leaved Birch, it is ironclad in its hardiness.

The Speedy had not been able to withstand a torpedo that would have destroyed an ironclad as easily as a fishing-boat!

The ironclad monopoly enjoyed by the Harriman and Hill lines would probably have prevented this in any event.

I would as soon have a paper ship as an ironclad; only give me men to fight her!


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