irregular flower

/ ĭ-rĕgyə-lər /

  1. A flower in which one or more members of a whorl, or of several floral whorls, differ in form from other members. Irregular flowers, such as those of the violet or the pea, are often bilaterally symmetric. The pea has one large upper petal above, two free petals on the each side, and two petals fused together in a keel shape below.

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Example Sentences

Peloria, an abnormal return to regularity and symmetry in an irregular flower; commonest in Snapdragon.

Study of an irregular flower to show adaptations for insect visitors.

An irregular flower is generally distinguished by petals of unequal size or shape.

General term for any loose and irregular flower-cluster, commonly of the racemose type, with pedicellate flowers.


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