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[ ir-i-lij-uhs ]


  1. not religious; not practicing a religion and feeling no religious impulses or emotions.
  2. showing or characterized by a lack of religion.
  3. showing indifference or hostility to religion:

    irreligious statements.

    Synonyms: ungodly, sacrilegious, profane

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Other Words From

  • irre·ligious·ly adverb
  • irre·ligious·ness ir·re·lig·i·os·i·ty [ir-i-lij-ee-, os, -i-tee], noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of irreligious1

From the Latin word irreligiōsus, dating back to 1555–65. See ir- 2, religious

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Example Sentences

For irreligious people, this is a potential outrage of the first order.

He is irreligious in the conventional sense, but his world teems with beliefs.

“Feminism” is now unfairly associated with a certain kind of privileged, coastal, irreligious white woman.

Akkari and Laban had long been disaffected with life in Denmark, a country they saw as louche and irreligious.

The party of Obama is increasingly unmarried and irreligious, a shift that could help the GOP build a new majority.

Although not an irreligious man, he had views on religion that were far from orthodox.

I am unjust—I smart under his bitter irreligious jests, and conclude at once that he must be the most infamous of men.

Whatever may be the motives which cause men to be irreligious, the thing in question is whether they have found truth.

Scepticism and religious questioning are, then, no sins; they are not irreligious.

Over-rigid in morals, he was indulgent to others; irreligious, he respected religion.


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