[ ir-i-lij-uhs ]
/ ˌɪr ɪˈlɪdʒ əs /


not religious; not practicing a religion and feeling no religious impulses or emotions.
showing or characterized by a lack of religion.
showing indifference or hostility to religion: irreligious statements.

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Origin of irreligious

From the Latin word irreligiōsus, dating back to 1555–65. See ir-2, religious

Related formsir·re·li·gious·ly, adverbir·re·li·gious·ness, ir·re·lig·i·os·i·ty [ir-i-lij-ee-os-i-tee] /ˌɪr ɪˌlɪdʒ iˈɒs ɪ ti/, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for irreligious


/ (ˌɪrɪˈlɪdʒəs) /


lacking in, indifferent to, or opposed to religious faith
Derived Formsirreligiously, adverbirreligiousness, noun

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Word Origin and History for irreligious



c.1400, from Late Latin irreligiosus "irreligious, impious," from assimilated form of in- "not, opposite of" (see in- (1)) + religiosus (see religious). Related: Irreligiously.

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