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[ ih-rev-er-uhnt ]


  1. not reverent; manifesting or characterized by irreverence; deficient in veneration or respect:

    an irreverent reply.

    Synonyms: profane, impious, irreligious

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Other Words From

  • ir·rever·ent·ly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of irreverent1

1485–95; < Latin irreverent- (stem of irreverēns ) disrespectful. See ir- 2, reverent

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Example Sentences

Punctuated with sparkling wit and irreverent humor, it taps into the depths of who we choose to fear and why.

From Time

The series follows the drama and romantic exploits of British high society, with a sharp-witted gossip columnist voiced by Julie Andrews serving as our irreverent narrator.

This can be hard, though, and staying positive can sometimes feel irreverent, says Aman.

It was supposed to be irreverent, high quality, quite funny.

From Digiday

Director Yorgos Lanthimos and screenwriters Tony McNamara and Deborah Davis offer an irreverent but very timely take on English history.

Miller traces his irreverent and subversive streak to a psychedelic experience during the particularly sweltering summer of 1991.

This collection features 100 fun, colorful, and sometimes delightfully irreverent messages designed by Friends with Type.

While Kalman tends to mine the past for material, she is as irreverent as she is sentimental.

The women Peterson photographed were offbeat, eccentric, irreverent, and not conventionally pretty.

Step 4: If you feel like being irreverent, you can shout any of the following: “EASTER GRASSSSSSSS!”

It is necessary to read the word of God, but sinful to peruse it thoughtlessly, or in an irreverent frame of mind.

In making this remark, nothing is further from Donald's intention than to make a joke, or be irreverent.

Irreverent girls, have you never been taught that a digesting uncle is a very solemn and sacred thing?'

The old man thrust out his jaw at her, with the grimace of an irreverent schoolboy.

I don't think it's kind or considerate to me and, after you've just heard about Captain Ross's death, I think it's irreverent.