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[ahy-suh-goh-jee, ahy-suh-goh-jee]
  1. an introduction, especially a scholarly introduction to a field of study or research.
  2. isagogics.
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Origin of isagoge

1645–55; < Latin īsagōga < Greek eisagōgḗ, equivalent to eiság(ein) to introduce (eis- into + ágein to lead) + -ōgē verbid noun suffix
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British Dictionary definitions for isagoge


  1. an academic introduction to a specialized subject field or area of research
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Word Origin for isagoge

C17: from Latin, from Greek eisagōgē, from eisagein to introduce, from eis- into + agein to lead
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Word Origin and History for isagoge


1650s, from Latin isagoge, from Greek eisagoge "introduction (into court), importation (of goods)," from eis "into" + agoge "a leading," from agein "to lead" (see act). Related: Isagogic; isagogical (1520s).

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