[ ahy-zey-uh or, especially British, ahy-zahy-uh ]

  1. Also called I·sa·iah of Je·ru·sa·lem. a Major Prophet of the 8th century b.c.

  2. a book of the Bible bearing his name. Abbreviation: Isa.

  1. a male given name.

Origin of Isaiah

From Late Latin Isaias, from Greek Ēsaḯās, from Hebrew Yəshaʿyāhū “Yahweh's salvation”

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How to use Isaiah in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for Isaiah


/ (aɪˈzaɪə) /

nounOld Testament
  1. the first of the major Hebrew prophets, who lived in the 8th century bc

  2. the book of his and others' prophecies

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Cultural definitions for Isaiah


[ (eye-zay-uh) ]

A major Israelite prophet who foretold the coming of the Messiah; the Book of Isaiah in the Old Testament is attributed to him. In the New Testament, his prophecies are treated as predictions of many of the details of the life and death of Jesus. (See Good Shepherd.)

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