[ iz-bah ]
/ ɪzˈbɑ /


Definition for isba (2 of 3)


International Seabed Authority.

Definition for isba (3 of 3)


or is·ba

[ iz-bah ]
/ ɪzˈbɑ /


the traditional log house of rural Russia, with an unheated entrance room and a single living and sleeping room heated by a clay or brick stove.

Origin of izba

1775–85; < Russian izbá (diminutive istópka), Old Russian istŭba house, bath, cognate with Serbo-Croatian ìzba small room, shack, Czech jizba room, Old Czech jistba, jizdba, all < Slavic *jĭstŭbaVulgar Latin *extūfa, with short u perhaps < Germanic *stuba; see stove1 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Examples from the Web for isba

  • The whole family is entombed in a dark and filthy "isba" full of flies.

  • The orchestra, which had reinforced its musicians by a choir of genuine moujiks, was suspended above the buildings of the Isba.

  • To Mavra there was but little difference between the isba of her father and the workroom of the seignorial mansion.

  • I entered my isba; I stood still in the middle of it, and called very low, "Macha, oh Macha!"