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[ ahy-suh-ley-tid, is-uh- ]


  1. separated from other persons or things; alone; solitary.

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Other Words From

  • iso·lated·ly adverb
  • semi-iso·lated adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of isolated1

First recorded in 1755–65; equivalent to French isol(é) (from Italian; isolato ) + -ate 1 + -ed 2

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Example Sentences

In mid-January, the group proved that one of the isolated rational tetrahedra does not fill space.

Sudden, radical changes in our tech behaviors run the risk of making us feel even more isolated at a time when a lot of us need more ways to connect.

We’ve learned that in many cases they are more isolated, poorer than before with no family and no support.

If coronavirus transmission crosses three separate classrooms and contact tracing cannot be attributed to an isolated incident, Jackson said a school will revert to online learning for 14 days.

Science also doesn’t stand isolated from the societies that have generated it.

Isolated lesbians learned that there were other women like them via books whose covers aimed to titillate heterosexual men.

Which is impossible unless people talk publicly rather than letting each crime be its own isolated incident.

For many years, visitors were barred from the isolated towns.

He has contributed to a false picture of law enforcement based on isolated injustices.

All of us can readily conjure up horror scenarios by the isolated person acting badly.

Fully two miles away, on the south side of the ravine, were the sepoy lines, and another group of isolated bungalows.

It fell into the three more or less isolated subjects of arithmetic, algebra and Euclid.

It lay framed within his thoughts, isolated from the rest of life, isolated somehow even from the immediate present.

But one battalion was isolated on a spur, from which there seemed no way of escape save under a scorching flank fire.

Suppose that one single person owned all the food supply of a community isolated from the outside world.


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