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or i·so·seis·mal

[ahy-suh-sahyz-mik, -sahys-]
adjective Geology.
  1. noting or pertaining to equal intensity of earthquake shock.
  2. noting or pertaining to an imaginary line on the earth's surface connecting points characterized by such intensity.
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  1. an isoseismic line.
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Origin of isoseismic

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Historical Examples of isoseismal

  • Outside the isoseismal 4, the earthquake was observed at several places.

    A Study of Recent Earthquakes

    Charles Davison

  • An isoseismal line is a curve which passes through all points at which the intensity of the shock was the same.

  • That isoseismal along which the decline of energy is most rapid was called by K. von Seebach a pleistoseist.

  • Within the isoseismal 3, buildings were more or less slightly damaged.

  • The only complete map of the isoseismal lines is that drawn by Professor Mercalli.

British Dictionary definitions for isoseismal


  1. of or relating to equal intensity of earthquake shock
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  1. a line on a map connecting points at which earthquake shocks are of equal intensity
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Systematic name: isoseismic
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