[ adjective ih-tal-yuh-neyt, -nit; verb ih-tal-yuh-neyt ]

  1. Italianized; conforming to the Italian type or style or to Italian customs, manners, etc.

  2. Art. in the style of Renaissance or Baroque Italy.

  1. Architecture. noting or pertaining to a mid-Victorian American style remotely based on Romanesque vernacular residential and castle architecture of the Italian countryside, but sometimes containing Renaissance and Baroque elements.

verb (used with object),I·tal·ian·at·ed, I·tal·ian·at·ing.
  1. to Italianize.

Origin of Italianate

From the Italian word italianato, dating back to 1560–70. See Italian, -ate1

Other words from Italianate

  • I·tal·ian·ate·ly, adverb
  • I·tal·ian·a·tion, noun

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Italianesque (ɪˌtæljəˈnɛsk)

/ (ɪˈtæljənɪt, -ˌneɪt) /

  1. Italian in style or character

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