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[ahy-tin-uh-rair-ee-uh m, ih-tin-]
noun, plural i·tin·er·ar·i·a [ahy-tin-uh-uh-rair-ee-uh, ih-tin-] /aɪˌtɪn ə əˈrɛər i ə, ɪˌtɪn-/, i·tin·er·ar·i·ums. Roman Catholic Church.
  1. a prayer in the breviary, used by a priest about to begin a journey.
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Origin of itinerarium

1700–10; < Medieval Latin itinerārium; see itinerary
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Historical Examples of itinerarium

  • Giraldus Cambrensis describes them in his Itinerarium Cambriae, 2, 6, p. 865.

    The Irish Ecclesiastical Record, Volume 1, June 1865


  • His account of how he came to write his famous little Itinerarium mentis in Deum is full of temperament.

  • Therefore may we not follow sympathetically the Itinerarium of Bonaventuras mind as it traces the footprints of its God?

  • And now the Itinerarium—well, it is best to let Bonaventura tell how he came to compose it, and of its purpose and character.

  • In 1726 appeared the Itinerarium Septentrionale, his greatest and best-known work.