[ ee-vahn ]




[ ahy-vuhn; Russian ee-vahn ]


  1. a male given name, Russian form of John.

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Example Sentences

Sergey told the Blade he was harassed at work after he and Ivan moved to Moscow.

“We just want to be free and to have this ability to move freely within the United States,” said Ivan.

Ivan told the Blade on March 23 during a telephone interview that Sergey was attacked in 2011 “because he had earrings.”

Ivan, Sergey, Mavrodieva and Marina all told the Blade they would consider staying in Guam if they were to win their asylum cases.

Ivan told the Blade that “life here is safer than in Russia, but there is trouble in terms that we cannot plan anything, like a job or anything at all.”

Draft Day, his Ivan Reitman-directed film about the NFL draft, grossed just $28 million at the domestic box office.

At the head of this five-mile convoy was Ivan Smith, a 22-year-old Rhodesian.

Ivan Raimi and Scott Spiegel, who were collaborators with Sam, lived there.

“Every dollar I spend is a vote,” said Ivan Pardo, the founder of Buycott.

Ivan opened the door for a lot of people to get back into it and I think we'll see if they stay with it.

I saw the bullet imbedded in the wall near the sofa, and Ivan lay so still and peaceful, I thought he was asleep.

Ivan remained for three hours, watching anxiously to see would the water rise; but none came.

Ivan went home, lay down, and fell into a deep sleep, from which he did not awake until the sun was high in the heavens.

Ivan took the measurements of all the windings of the labyrinth, and when he was at home compared them carefully.

He trembled at every blow of the pick given by the vigorous arm of Ivan, who worked with terrible earnestness.