[ ahy-ver, ee-ver ]


  1. a male or female given name.

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Example Sentences

Meanwhile, Ivar arrived in Berlin, for final negotiations with the German government.

The media coverage of Ivar had been enough to spur them to believe.

Ivar had first raised money from American investors just seven years earlier.

Ivar imagined the buzz spreading about his extraordinary weekend dealings.

If Ivar was a shining beacon of confidence, his securities would maintain their value, even if the rest of the market crashed.

This he did in a boat with Ivar about nine oclock, pretty well tired with his row against a head wind.

And just as we finished a hearty meal, la and Ivar arrived, so that she had to begin all over again for them.

We were greeted as old friends at the Victoria Hotel, where Ivar had already arrived with our things.

The prowess of the four Vikings is always potent; they fall in love; Ivar fights a duel, and then wins the loveliest of brides.

Yet the bloodstains on Ivar's sword were visible proofs; and never again did watchmen disappear on that coast.





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