or I·e·ya·su

[ ee-ye-yah-soo ]

  1. To·ku·ga·wa [taw-koo-gah-wah], /ˈtɔ kuˈgɑ wɑ/, 1542–1616, Japanese general and public servant.

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  • When virtual dictator of Japan, Iyeyasu was seen smoothing out an old silk kakama.

  • In the following year, 1616, Iyeyasu fell ill and died at the age of seventy-five.

    Japan | Various
  • Iyeyasu, though of indomitable courage in war, was a man of gentle methods.

    Japan | Various
  • However that may be, Iyeyasu decided to persecute the Christians vigorously, if possible without losing the foreign trade.

    The Problem of China | Bertrand Russell
  • We should have stories of Iyeyasu and Hideyoshi, written from the ground up for the photoplay theatre.

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/ (ˌiːjeɪˈjɑːsuː) /

  1. Tokugawa (ˌtɒkuːˈɡɑːwə). 1542–1616, Japanese general and statesman; founder of the Tokugawa shogunate (1603–1867)

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