or is·ba

  1. the traditional log house of rural Russia, with an unheated entrance room and a single living and sleeping room heated by a clay or brick stove.

Origin of izba

1775–85; < Russian izbá (diminutive istópka), Old Russian istŭba house, bath, cognate with Serbo-Croatian ìzba small room, shack, Czech jizba room, Old Czech jistba, jizdba, all < Slavic *jĭstŭbaVulgar Latin *extūfa, with short u perhaps < Germanic *stuba; see stove1
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Examples from the Web for izba

Historical Examples of izba

  • They watered it regularly, and the pea set to work and grew higher than the izba.

    Russian Fairy Tales

    W. R. S. Ralston

  • He unharnessed his horse and put everything in its place, and then went into the izba (room), but found no one there.

  • The Evil one strove and strove, but nothing came of it, the izba still remained pitch dark.

    Russian Fairy Tales

    W. R. S. Ralston

  • He thought, "It is useless to waste money and labour on an izba, when the roving Tatars will carry it off in any case."

    Taras Bulba and Other Tales

    Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol

  • Round her came swarming countless devils, the izba was full of them!

    Russian Fairy Tales

    W. R. S. Ralston