[ juh-broh-nee ]

  1. Slang. a stupid, foolish, or contemptible person; loser: She always has a comeback to own the trolls and jabronis on Twitter.Shut your mouth, you dumb jabroni!

  2. Also called en·hance·ment tal·ent [en-hans-muhnt tal-uhnt], /ɛnˈhæns mənt ˈtæl ənt/, job·ber [job-er] /ˈdʒɒb ər/ .Professional Wrestling. a wrestler whose purpose is to lose matches against headlining wrestlers in order to build up the status and fame of the headliners: The man is a legend in the ring—he eats jabronis for breakfast.

Origin of jabroni

First recorded in 1915–20 for def. 1 and in 1995–2000 for def. 2; origin uncertain; perhaps from Upper Italian such as Milan dialect giambone “ham”

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