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[ jak-uhp ]


, Informal.
  1. an increase or rise:

    a recent jack-up in prices.

jack up


  1. tr to increase (prices, salaries, etc)
  2. tr to raise an object, such as a car, with or as with a jack
  3. slang.
    intr to inject oneself with a drug, usually heroin
  4. informal.
    intr to refuse to comply; rebel, esp collectively
  5. informal.
    to initiate, organize, or procure


  1. something that has been contrived or achieved by dishonest means
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Word History and Origins

Origin of jack-up1

1900–05, Americanism; noun use of verb phrase jack up
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Idioms and Phrases

Raise or increase, as in The cartel is jacking up oil prices again . This term alludes to the literal meaning of jack up , that is, “hoist with a jack.” [ Colloquial ; c. 1900]
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Example Sentences

So Hachette and the other publishers were all ears when Steve Jobs came a-calling with a surefire way to jack up e-book prices.

One landlord even paid somebody to hurl a Molotov cocktail into an apartment just to smoke out tenants and jack up rents.

But lack of sleep does more than just jack up your caffeine requirements the following day.

The company also announced Tuesday that it would jack up its quarterly dividend by 26.7 percent, from 30 cents to 38 percent.

It helps jack up the level of suspense during pretaped events, the outcome of which most viewers learned hours earlier on Twitter.

It did not take Uncle Toby long to jack up the car, take off the tire, put in a new tube, and be ready to start again.

If we jack up that bonetrepannin, he called it toohis brainsd git to be like anybody elses.

I think I'll jack up our boys in the city room by hinting that there may be a shake-up coming under the new owner.

You can jack up the back part of an automobile when you could not possibly lift it up.

If we jack up that bone'—trepannin', he called it too—'his brains'd git to be like anybody else's.'


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