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    every man jack, everyone without exception: They presented a formidable opposition, every man jack of them.

Origin of jack

1350–1400; Middle English jakke, Jakke used in addressing any male, especially a social inferior, variant of Jakken, variant of Jankin, equivalent to Jan John + -kin -kin; extended in sense to anything male, and as a designation for a variety of inanimate objects


[ jak-uhp ]
/ ˈdʒækˌʌp /

noun Informal.

an increase or rise: a recent jack-up in prices.

Origin of jack-up

1900–05, Americanism; noun use of verb phrase jack up Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for jack up

jack up

verb (adverb)

(tr) to increase (prices, salaries, etc)
(tr) to raise an object, such as a car, with or as with a jack
(intr) slang to inject oneself with a drug, usually heroin
(intr) Australian informal to refuse to comply; rebel, esp collectively
NZ informal to initiate, organize, or procure

noun jack-up

NZ something that has been contrived or achieved by dishonest means


/ (dʒæk) /


I'm all right, Jack British informal
  1. a remark indicating smug and complacent selfishness
  2. (as modifier)an ``I'm all right, Jack'' attitude


/ (dʒæk) /



jack of Australian slang tired or fed up with (something)

verb (tr)

See also jack in, jacks, jack up

Word Origin for jack

C16 jakke, variant of Jankin, diminutive of John




/ (dʒæk) /


short for jackfruit

Word Origin for jack

C17: from Portuguese jaca; see jackfruit


/ (dʒæk) /


a short sleeveless coat of armour of the Middle Ages, consisting usually of a canvas base with metal plates
archaic a drinking vessel, often of leather

Word Origin for jack

C14: from Old French jaque, of uncertain origin

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Word Origin and History for jack up
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Idioms and Phrases with jack up

jack up

Raise or increase, as in The cartel is jacking up oil prices again. This term alludes to the literal meaning of jack up, that is, “hoist with a jack.” [Colloquial; c. 1900]


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