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[ jakt ]


, Slang.
  1. very stimulated and excited, as from coffee or drugs.

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Example Sentences

The buildings under metal braces will be repaired; those jacked up with wooden planks will likely not.

Meanwhile, several states and cities have jacked up the minimum wage.

He has transformed himself from skinny Chappelle into in-shape, jacked Chappelle.

It was the most out-of-body experience because I was so jacked up on medicine.

Every tax hike, every jacked fee, every urban inconvenience became fuel for Rob Ford.

We had the car jacked up and the old tire off the rim and the new one half on when—bang!

The observation end of his car was jacked up and the car-repairers were slipping a new pair of wheels underneath it.

Not but what I'd had a lot to bear, and took a deal of punishment before he jacked up.

While one jacked up the car, another worked to get off the damaged shoe and inner tube.

The car was jacked up on a horse-block, while one wheel lay near the road.


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