/ dʒæks /


  1. functioning as singular a game in which bone, metal, or plastic pieces ( jackstones ) are thrown and then picked up in various groups between bounces or throws of a small ball Sometimes calledknucklebones

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Word History and Origins

Origin of jacks1

C19: shortened from jackstones , variant of checkstones pebbles

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Example Sentences

In “Cartoons and Cereal,” he sings, “Reminisce when I had the morning appetite/ Apple Jacks, had nothing that I hit the TV Guide.”

All its fruits were mangoes, plantains and jacks; not cold apples or icy quinces.

Avoid tearing up during the sentimental commercial breaks about Moms and McNuggets by doing jumping jacks.

You know what really jacks up the entertainment value of a campaign?

I failed miserably at chin-ups, sit-ups, and push-ups, but performed really, really well, thank you, in jumping jacks.

There'll be heaps uh fun in the Cypress Hills country when they get t' runnin' the whisky-jacks out.

They were not the nervous, string-halt jacks of the prairies, but the smaller black-tailed variety.

A few Asses are bred, but for no other object than to keep up the supply of jacks for propagating mules.

With the seventh attempt it flared energetically; then settled to a steady glow of possible flap-jacks.

Jacks young face became awed and stern and aged, as John had seen mens faces become when they charged through the mud in the dawn.





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