jade green


    1. a colour varying from yellowish-green to bluish-green
    2. ( as adjective )

      a jade-green carpet

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Example Sentences

The result is a jade green soup that is smooth and gently tonic.

She chose a jade-green Vera Wang gown that showed off her glamorous and sexy side.

At the other end, in an open circle, a fountain played; white marble girls and boys bathing in the jade-green basin.

Her round leghorn hat was encircled with jade-green satin, and topped at the side with bows of green ribbon and pink roses.

With a growing sense of uneasiness, Chris cautiously brought his head out from under his jade-green wing.

The furniture in this room is of black and gold lacquer, and the rug and hangings are of jade green.

Kendrick was led into a monumental structure of jade-green stone that towered a full hundred, stories above the street level.