or Je·han·gir

[juh-hahn-geer, yuh-]


1569–1627, 4th Mogul emperor in India 1605–27 (son of Akbar).

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Historical Examples of jahangir

  • He was succeeded by his son Salim, under the name of Jahangir, who reigned from 1605 to 1627.


    P. A. S. van Limburg-Brouwer

  • The town is said to have been founded by the Mogul emperor Jahangir.

  • She rode to Agra meaning to marry Jahangir, but her gorge rose at the sight of him.

    The Great Mogul

    Louis Tracy

  • Throwing sword and dagger to the ground he bowed to Jahangir.

    The Great Mogul

    Louis Tracy

  • It would be much easier to yell than to act when Jahangir cried “Maro!”

    The Great Mogul

    Louis Tracy