jail fever

  1. a former name for typhus, once a common disease in jails

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How to use jail fever in a sentence

  • Far be from me the loss of eyes or limbs, such publicity as the pillory affords, or the grossness of a jail-fever.

    The Heroine | Eaton Stannard Barrett
  • Consequently dysentery, smallpox and jail fever made fearful ravages.

  • At the end of a week Lettsom found him in the true jail-fever, or, what is the same, a true workhouse-fever.

  • He had caught the jail fever, which had long raged in the Carcel de la Corte, where I was imprisoned.

    George Borrow | Edward Thomas
  • Upon it was the body of another poor prisoner, dead of jail fever.

    For Faith and Freedom | Walter Besant