jail fever


a former name for typhus, once a common disease in jails

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Examples from the Web for jail fever

  • Far be from me the loss of eyes or limbs, such publicity as the pillory affords, or the grossness of a jail-fever.

    The Heroine|Eaton Stannard Barrett
  • When told that this man Wynne had jail-fever, the captain seemed in haste to leave.

    Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker|S. Weir Mitchell
  • Of this kind was the contagious matter, which produced the jail-fever at the assizes at Oxford about a century ago.

    Zoonomia, Vol. I|Erasmus Darwin
  • He was never known to err, and was as much dreaded as the jail-fever in consequence.

    Jack Sheppard, Vol. I (of III)|W. Harrison Ainsworth