[ jal-uh p, jah-luh p ]
/ ˈdʒæl əp, ˈdʒɑ ləp /


the dried tuberous root of any of several plants, especially Exogonium purga, of the morning glory family, or the light yellowish powder derived from it, used in medicine chiefly as a purgative.
any of these plants.


Origin of jalap

1665–75; < Middle French < Spanish (purga de) Jalapa purgative from Jalapa

Related forms

ja·lap·ic [ja-lap-ik, jah-] /dʒæˈlæp ɪk, dʒɑ-/, adjective
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/ (ˈdʒæləp) /


a Mexican convolvulaceous plant, Exogonium (or Ipomoea) purga
any of several similar or related plants
the dried and powdered root of any of these plants, used as a purgative
the resin obtained from any of these plants

Derived Forms

jalapic (dʒəˈlæpɪk), adjective

Word Origin for jalap

C17: from French, from Mexican Spanish jalapa, short for purga de Jalapa purgative of Jalapa
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