[ jam-buh-ree ]
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  1. a large gathering, as of a political party or the teams of a sporting league, often including a program of speeches and entertainment.

  2. a large gathering of members of the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, usually nationwide or international in scope (distinguished from camporee).

  1. any large gathering with a partylike atmosphere: We're spotlighting aspects of each of the major December traditions—Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa—to create one all-inclusive jamboree.

  2. a carousal; any noisy merrymaking.

Origin of jamboree

An Americanism dating back to 1860–65; origin unknown

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How to use jamboree in a sentence

  • Alayban was on one of her annual vacations to the condo on tony jamboree Road when she was arrested.

  • The light fantastic is not tripped there any more, except when the jamboree man sneaks in and dances a jig for his morning pizen.

  • Here was the hated tribe of rich men, the idle classes, all dressed up with flags flying, riding across the country on a jamboree.

    The Iron Puddler | James J. Davis
  • My curiosity impelled me to accept the invitation to the "keg party" as such a jamboree was known among the students.

    Tramping on Life | Harry Kemp
  • It was a satire, of course—Gulliver's Lilliput outdone—a sort of scientific, socialistic, mathematical jamboree.

British Dictionary definitions for jamboree


/ (ˌdʒæmbəˈriː) /

  1. a large and often international gathering of Scouts

  2. a party or spree

Origin of jamboree

C19: of uncertain origin

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